Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oops, been a while!

It's sinking in how much work I have ahead of me with college essays, training camp, and travel planning, so I will try to catch up on the last few months of climbing with pictures and captions.

photo: Lucas Larson

I competed at adult SCS Nationals for the first time in Sport and Speed. Above is Q1.

photo: Richard Levin

Above is the speed podium. I was very excited and a little shocked to make the Men's US Team for speed and earn an invitation to the World Championships in Paris this September.

photo: Isaac

 I climbed out at Horse Flats for the first time with Isaac Palatt, Itai Axelrad and some other friends from the gym. Above is a short v10 that I sent and Itai managed to flash. What a beast!

photo: Isaac

 Since the conclusion of AP exams I've been training for SCS and climbing out at Malibu Creek a bit more. Above is my attempt to repeat the area's classic Ghetto Blaster, 5.13b. I'm also working on Ghetto Crossing 13c, Brenna 13d, and Lateralus 14a. Pics of the projects should be up soon!

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